Shipping is available for each piglet for a fee of $300. Piglets are shipped via Delta Cargo and the cost of the reservation and shipping kennel is included in the fee of $300. Shipping can be stressful for piglets, so we do encourage you to pick them up in person if possible!

Size and Weight Guarantee

Pigs in a Pocket does not and will not guarantee adult size of our piglets. This is because of the role that nature vs. nurture plays in the adult size and weight of pigs. Our pigs have the genetics (nature) to stay a small and healthy size, however if the piglets are not correctly taken care of (nurture) and fed an appropriate diet to maintain a healthy weight than this could result in the piglet growing bigger than he/ she would have. Once the piglet leaves our care, we have no control over the way the piglets new parents take care of her/him and therefore we cannot offer a size or weight guarantee.

AMPA Code of Ethics

JPAR Code of Ethics

Mini Pig Breeders Co-op Code of Ethics

Refusals,  Returns, and Refunds

Refusals: Pigs in a Pocket maintains the right to refuse a piglet to a potential buyer if Pigs in a Pocket does not feel that said buyer will give the piglet an appropriate home.

Returns: All piglets, young, old, small, or big, that were purchased from Pigs in a Pocket are always welcome back, no questions asked!

Refunds: Refunds are not guaranteed and will be given at the discretion of Pigs in a Pocket.

Pigs in a Pocket's Guarantee to You

We guarantee to be upfront and honest with our buyers, to produce and keep quality and healthy pigs and piglets. We guarantee our pigs and piglets will be feed a healthy diet, that they will receive veterinary care when needed, that they will be handled, socialized and loved while in our care, that our pigs and piglets will never be abused in anyway. We guarantee to be committed to serving our customers, our pigs, and our piglets to the best of our ability.


Health Guarantee

Each piglet will have a three day health guarantee and the details of the guarantee will be outlined in the contract between the buyer and the seller.


Pigs in a PocketJuliana Mini Pigs pricing is based on the predicted size of the piglet once he/she is matured, the coloration of the piglet, and the spots that the piglet has! All the piglets are 100% Juliana pigs and will be JPAR registered. Spay/ neuter, microchipping, JPAR registration, health certificate, and vet work needed will always be included in the price. A complementary bag of piggy goodies and a lifetime of support is included with each piglet! However, shipping will be an additional cost.

Pigs in A Pocket Juliana Mini Pigs