Cupcake is the definition of a pampered pig! She somehow suckered me in to letting her rule the house and she shows no mercy! I am just kidding, but she really is quite spoiled and a tad bit rotten! She even has her own instagram page, you can follow her @cupcaketheminipig. She loves her morning naps on the couch, right where the sun hits it and its a big bonus if she gets to share the sunlight and snuggle up with one of her doggy best friends! She is full of personality and loves to tag along with me at the horse shows! She has beautiful big spots and a white coat and usually some hot pink toes to match! She was born September 10, 2014. As of December 28, 2015 she stands at 15 inches tall. Cupcake is due for her first litter June 29th, 2016. You can see more pictures of Cupcake at the following link:


Priscilla is a full sister to Cupcake, but from a different litter. Priscilla was born May 22, 2014. She can be quite the sassy pig and loves flipping her bowl all over the house and cooling off in her pool during the hot days of summer! Priscilla has a beautiful dark silver coat with some red flecked throughout and a cute white blaze with matching white socks! As of January 3, 2016 she stands at 14" tall. Priscilla had her first litter October 5, 2015. The piglets had to be delivered via emergency c section so we have chosen to not breed her anymore and to have her spayed. She is an amazing representation of the breed and has a great personality, but her health is not worth the risk. She will be a perfectly pampered (and sassy) house pig! You can see more pictures of Priscilla at the following link:


Tilly can be quite the trouble maker! She loves to dump a fresh bowl of water so she can lay in the mud puddle she makes and than she will go drink out of the pool we give her! Honestly, sometimes I don't know what to do with this girl, she is known as silly Tilly around the farm and for good reason! She was born February 1, 2013 and stands at 16" tall as of January 3, 2016. She has a pretty white coat with cute little black spots. She produces some beautiful babies and is the best mom too! We love our silly Tilly! Tilly is JPAR registered as Melinda because that was her name when we got her and names cannot be changed on JPAR registration. You can see more pictures of Tilly at the following link:


Julep got her name because we drove from Georgia to Michigan to pick her up, but we stopped halfway in Kentucky. Once in Kentucky we visited Churchill Downs and actually got to see American Pharaoh, the 2015 Triple Crown Winner! It was such a once in a lifetime experience we knew that we had to name her something that tied back to that trip. So we decided on Julep from the mint julep that everyone drinks during the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs. Julep is a sweet girl that loves a good tummy scrathing from my husband. She is a pretty light silver color with a white strip down her face and a cute speckled nose. She was born September 25, 2013 and stands 15" tall as of as of January 3, 2016. We think she will be a great addition to out breeding program because she has a beautiful conformation and is a fantastic representation of what the Juliana breed should look like! You can see more pictures of Julep at the following link: