We wanted to be honest, upfront breeders of true mini pigs. I want to be the breeder that I was looking for when I first started looking into adding a mini pig to my family. We strive to give our pigs a pampered life and produce quality and healthy piglets for people to love and enjoy! Our pigs are well taken care of and are absolutely never starved in an attempt to keep them smaller. We love our pigs like they are family and you will often find one of them sleeping in the bed too! The mission of Pigs in a Pocket juliana mini pigs is to educate the public, provide a pampered lifestyle for our pigs, and to share the love and enjoyment our pigs give us by producing quality and healthy 100% JPAR registered juliana piglets! We only have about 4 litters a year so we are able to dedicate a lot of time to each piglet in order to give them the best start at life we can!

We are a certified breeder by the American Mini Pig Association and are excited to duel register our pigs with the AMPA! You can check out www.americanminipigassociation.com for more information on the association and some really good information on mini pigs. This site is a great tool when it comes to researching!  Below is a link to an article the AMPA did about Pigs in a Pocket and they did a great job capturing what we are all about! http://americanminipigassociation.com/ampa-awards/meet-the-registered-breeders/meet-mini-pig-breeder-pigs-pocket/

Pigs in a Pocket Mini Juliana Pigs

My entire family has always been animal lovers and animals advocates, so when we saw our first mini pig we just fell in love! But what I discovered was scary, I could not believe all the scams people pull and the lies they tell and the pigs that get hurt because of it. I initially dismissed the dream of getting a mini pig because it seemed there was no honest person to buy from and it seemed they were all antisocial, aggressive, and close to 300lb. My mom was actually the one to suggest breeding. I thought long and hard about it and decided that that was a change I wanted to be apart of.